Elisa (in between breaths)

Strongly limited CD

300 numbered copies in a 4 page digipack

In addition to the original version, which could already be heard on the „Live Die Live“ album, there are two remixes and a new song.

  1. ELISA
  2. ELISA (in between breaths)
  3. ELISA (extended version)
  4. DIRGE

ELISA (in between breaths) was completely remixed by Stevi and mixed in one special version by him. With this mix, the song enters spheres that the Valley has never entered before.
A really exciting and powerful interpretation, with huge drums and haunting guitar lines.
The extended version, on the other hand, is almost inconspicuous and is more reminiscent of the original, but still exudes charm and lets ELISA dance forever.
“DIRGE” was chosen to end the single.
It’s hard to come by
space-filling, carried by an atmospheric guitar hook supported by strings and a silent choir.
And a haunting and sad melody.
Carried by the stupid singing through the emotional world of a lost soul. 
the first edition of the single is strictly limited to 3oo copies in a 4 page digipack.


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