Live Die Live

CD – Limited Edition


The „Black Edition“ of Live Die Live
– remixed –

  1. happy suicide
  2. apart
  3. elisa
  4. hard rain
  5. nightcrawler
  6. tough guys
  7. cold things
  8. when you’re not here-russian fade

The black version of live the live album will be available from December 30th, 2023 and will be released in a limited edition.
It’s worth being quick.
The CD comes to you in a jewelcase with a 4-page booklet.
Unlike the digital version of the album, the songs have been remixed. The version of When You’re Not Here was replaced by the Russion Fade version, which can also be found on the Darkpage CD release.
We hope to be able to serve everyone who is affected by certain sanctions and cannot be supplied via darkpage.

GothNews, 01/2024

* loose translation from Italian

TRACKLIST: 01 happy suicide; 02 apart; 03 elisa; 04 hard rain; 05 nightcrawler; 06 tough guys; 07 cold things; 08 when you’re not here-russian fade

Mr. Moonlight, GothNews 02.01.2024

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